ALESUND Visiting Giske, Godoy and Mount Aksla

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  • Port of Alesund
  • Giske - Saga Island
  • Church of Giske
  • Island Godoy
  • To climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse
  • Back to Alesund
  • Mount Aksla
  • Cafeteria Fjellstua Viewpoint
  • Return to the Port of Alesund


  • HALF DAY  - 3.5 Hours


Our Shore2Shore Excursions guide will meet you at the Port of Alesund where we board an air-conditioned coach to take a guided tour.

The community of Giske consists of several islands. We will visit two of them, the island Giske and Godoy island. Today, nearly 6,300 people have a connection with the city of Alesund and the mainland via a free ferry. Giske is known as the Saga Island and was the birthplace of the great Viking leader Rollo ( later established on the northern coast of France, a landscape which now is known under the name of Normandy ) . The islands are reached by bridges and tunnels, the longest one is 4.2 km. Giske is a relatively flat and fertile island which has been settled since the Bronze Age. We will stop at the Church of Giske, an old church made of stone and marble in 1150 A.C. The chapel originally belonged to the powerful family Arnunge Giske.

Continue to the island Godoy and the small fishing village of Alnes facing the Atlantic Ocean for a stop at the lighthouse. On clear days the view of the ocean and islands is fantastic. Unfortunately, we can't enter the lighthouse.

Return to Alesund and continue to Mount Aksla for a fantastic view of the city and surroundings .

We will have a bit of time for a drink in the cafeteria Fjellstua Viewpoint.

We will then return to the Alesund Port so you can re-join your ship for onward passage to your next port of call.

We trust you had a wonderful day with us and we shall look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bon Voyage!!