BAR The Pompeii of Montenegro and old City

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  • BAR

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  • Port of Bar
  • Ancient city of Bar
  • Ottoman Bazaar
  • Old Olivo
  • Orthodox Temple of St John Vladimir
  • Port of Bar




  • Tourist tax 1.00€/person + entrance to the old town 2.00€/person.
  • OPTIONAL: Entrance to see the ancient olive tree 2.00€/person + the Orthodox Temple.


Our guide will meet you at the port of Bar with a Shore2Shore sign.

Enjoy a panoramic walk on the way to the old town of Bar. This is undoubtedly the place with the most pleasant climate of the Montenegro's coast, a tourist destination located between the sea and the mountain Rumija hill.

The ancient city of Bar (Stari Bar) is one of the most important European archaeological sites of medieval times; not only in Montenegro but also in the Balkans. About 600 public and private buildings are conserved, whose construction was staggered over time, forming a great treasure for the study of the history of the Mediterranean. Llirios, Hellenes, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians and Ottomans passed through Stari Bar adding its stratum of history, architecture and customs. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles are intermingled with elements of oriental influence.

We will take a guided walk through the old Bar through its cobbled streets and enjoy a free time to visit the Ottoman bazaar.

Next we will visit Old Olivo, which is one of the oldest in the world (it is believed that it could be about 2000 years old) and is considered a Bar symbol.

Our tour will end in the new part of Bar with the visit of the Orthodox Temple of St John Vladimir. History tells us that the year in which 1000 years of the martyrdom of Serbian Holy King John Vladimir, his blessed, the Patriarch of Jerusalem and Palestine, Theophilus III, consecrated this church to the saint (John Vladimir).

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