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Our guide will meet you at the port of Doha.

Qatar is one of the main oil producers and the fastest growing countries in the world. In 2022 it will also host the Soccer World Cup.

Today we will have the opportunity to visit its capital, Doha, where we will visit the places of greatest interest: the Corniche (photo stop), the Katara cultural town, the Pearl of Qatar (stop for photos), the Waqif Souq and the Islamic Art Museum.

Before reaching Katara, we will start our journey along the Doha Corniche, a coastal walk that stretches for several miles along the bay.

The Katara Cultural Village:

The construction of Katara embodies the traditional architecture of Qatar. The design of Katara makes it an appropriate environment for cultural, intellectual, artistic and creative activities through carnivals, social events, exhibitions and concerts.

The entire Katara complex is built on a fusion of oriental and retro-romantic architectural style, very different from most of Doha's new cultural buildings.

Overlooking the radiant blue sea, the Katara Amphitheater is an architectural beauty created as a fusion of Islamic characteristics and the classical concept of Greek theater.

The Opera House, which offers a sumptuous cultural experience with a blend of Eastern and late Victorian architectural styles, resulting from 19th century European models and conventional Islamic design and the Katara Plaza Mall, an outdoor shopping mall in the cultural district of Qatar.

We will continue to the Pearl of Qatar, the most luxurious place in Doha, a complex of artificial islands with luxury villas and hotels, bars, restaurants and various entertainment. We will stop to take pictures.

We will continue our journey towards the Waqif Souk: 

Souk (Souq) Waqif means "permanent market"; there we can discover the spice souk, the gold souk, the craft souk, the souk and the art gallery.

We can observe the Arabian hawk, the camel zone and the spice market.

We will leave the Waqif souk to head to the Museum of Islamic Art (interior visit).

The MIA Park - The Museum of Islamic Art:

Discover the Puritan tradition of the absolute Islamic monarchy while embracing modernity to become a Goliath of the Middle East. 

The museum houses a collection, not very extensive in quantity, but of very high quality, of pieces of different materials: ceramics, metal and glass. The objects come from a wide range of countries, from Spain, where interesting pieces of Andalusian art come from, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and even India.

It also offers an exceptional collection of rare gold and silver coins, which offers a captivating glimpse into the life of the Muslim peoples of the 7th century.



  • Entrance to the Museum included.
  • Some sites may be closed on Fridays, as it is a sacred day for Muslims. 


  • Easy Level / Panoramic / Cultural.
  • Obligatory - use appropriate clothing in the places of worship to be visited.
  • Dress code accepted in the Mosque: Remember that women can not wear shorts, or white, or transparent or stockings. The clothing must be of long sleeves and it is mandatory to wear a scarf on the head. Our staff does not have clothes to lend in case of not carrying.
  • Comfortable shoes are required.
  • People with reduced mobility, who use a wheelchair, must be accompanied by another person who can help them. Please use folding wheelchairs, since buses do not have elevators or ramps.

Mosques will remain closed on Fridays in addition to holidays in the Muslim calendar with varying dates and the following dates: January 1st, August 6, 30 November, 2 December.