MASCATE Mascate City Tour

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  • OMAN

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  • Port of Mascate
  • Great Mosque
  • Palace of Sultan Qaboos
  • Baït Al Zubair Museum
  • Muttrah Souk
  • Port of Mascate 


  • HALF DAY - 4 Hours


  • Bait al Zubair Museum: Approx. 10 $ OPEN FROM 09:30H TO 18H

Our guide will meet you at the port of Mascate.

Mascate, capital of the Sultanate of Oman, is a modern and moderate city inhabited by Muslim Arabs and many foreigners. It is the city of modernity and a constant development in addition to the largest natural port in the world, gate of commerce to India and China.

We will begin our excursion today with a visit to the Great Mosque, the largest in the Sultanate of Oman, with a capacity of up to 20,000 people. The Mosque is a very important work of Islamic architecture: its interior contains the second carpet in one piece The world's largest hand-woven. The mosque measures more than 90,000 square meters.

To visit the Great Mosque you have to dress according to the Muslim religion, you can not carry arms or legs in the open, and women must cover their hair. Visitors who do not meet these conditions can rent the appropriate clothing in the lobby before accessing the mosque. Visiting hours are from 8.30 to 11.00 in the morning, except on Fridays (prohibited for non-Muslims). If you visit Oman, you should keep in mind that it is the only mosque that can be visited by non-Muslims throughout the Sultanate.

We will leave for the capital to make a photo stop in the Palace of Sultan Qaboos, guarded by the impressive fortifications of Jalali and Mirani dating back to the times of Portuguese colonization.

We will continue to the Bait Al Zubair Museum (optional entrance), with exhibitions on the culture, tradition and crafts of the country.

We will end our excursion with the visit of Souk Muttrah (a district of Muscat), well known for its local crafts and perfumes.

We can shop or simply discover traditional Oman items such as the Dallah (bronze coffee cup), exotic spices and various incenses. It is one of the oldest souks in the Arab world.

Return to the port of Mascate.


Mandatory dress code for admission to mosques.
For women: long loose pants or long skirts, no tight clothing is allowed on the body. Long sleeve and should cover your head with a handkerchief. Transparent clothing is not allowed.
For men: pants, they can be short, as long as they cover the knees. No shirts or shirts with bare shoulders.
No swimwear or inappropriate clothing.

SHORE2SHORE is not responsible for the relevant authorities not allowing entry to the mosque for not adhering to the dress code.