MOLDE - Atlantic Ocean Road

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  • Port of Molde
  • Atlantic Ocean Road Eide
  • Averøy and Village of Eide
  • Kornstadfjord
  • Hustadvika
  • Bud
  • Bjørnsund Islands
  • Malmefjord via Elnesvågen
  • Return to the Port of Molde


Our guide / coordinator will meet you at the Port of Molde with a Shore2Shore Excursions sign.

Like a sea serpent, the Atlantic Ocean Road winds its way between windswept islands for over 5 miles.

The fantastic Atlantic Ocean Road is unique. Connecting the municipalities of Averøy and Eide, it took 6 years to complete. The road is 27,138 feet long and has a total of 8 bridges to connect each islet, the longest of which is 390 feet.

This scenically rewarding excursion takes you to the village of Eide and follows the Kornstadfjord out to the spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road.

Continue along Hustadvika, an ill-reputed stretch of sea dotted with underwater skerries and islets before reaching Bud, a charming fishing village facing the open ocean.

A photo stop will be made near the World War II fortifications, today a restored war-memorial museum.

Look across to the Bjørnsund Islands where the buildings are now used as summer houses.

Follow the Malmefjord via Elnesvågen and over the hills back to the Port of Molde.

Bon Voyage!!