MYKONOS Island Tour

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  • Port of Mykonos
  • Monastery of Panagia Tourliani
  • The church of Panagia
  • The beach of kalafatis
  • Free time
  • Villages of Drafati, Ornos and Aghios Ioannis
  • The charming town of Mykonosis
  • Free time
  • Return to the Port of Mykonos




  • 1,00€ Per each person, entrance to Monastery.


The following shows the itinerary for the Shore Excursion that we will make at Mykonos:

Our guide will wait for you at the meeting point agreed.

Our first visit is at the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, situated 8 km from the capital « Hora » in the Village of Ano Mera. It was founded in 1542 and restored in 1767. It is named after the discovery of an icon of Virgin Mary near its Tourlos and Panagia Tourliani has become the patron saint of the island celebrated every 15th of August since.

The church of Panagia, constructed in the form of an auditorium and recognized as a national monument, is an impressive representative of the Cycladic architecture with its whitewashed exterior and colored dome. Inside, an imposing hand-carved wooden altar made by Florentine artists in 1775 is displayed along with icons of the Apostles, the Saints and the Scenes inspired of the New Testimony. Moreover, a small museum displays wooden sculptures, holy icons and the original monastery bells.

Important: in the Monastery shorts are forbidden, while ladies should have shoulders covered. Also cameras of all kinds are not allowed.

We continue our visit to one of the first beaches of the island known for its surfers, the beach of kalafatis. Free time of 30 min. is provided (no swimming please due to tight schedule). On the way back to the town of Mykonoswe will pass by the villages of Drafati, Ornos and Aghios Ioannis where we will stop to take photos.

The charming town of Mykonosis considered as one the most beautiful sights of the island. In a guided tour we will admire its typical architecture of white-washed houses -with their flat roofs, blue windows and doors and flowery balconies-, walking through its narrow windy streets forming a maze and adding to a picturesque and magic atmosphere! We will walk by numerous well-preserved windmills and other museums and historic sites. Mykonosis full of bars and clubs open at all times.

Free time is provided, if schedule allows, before returning to the Port of Mykonos.

Bon Voyage!!