ST PETERSBURG Ballet in St Petersburg

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1st Category € 122.00 per person (higher category seat)

2nd Category € 92.00 per person (middle category seat)

3rd Category € 72.00 per person (basic category seat)

Check availability by categories when making your reservation.

  • Once confirmed and charged for the ticket, the service can not be cancelled and will NOT be refundable.
  • The Ballet reservation is only available in combination with the reservation of the excursion.
  • We will take you following the tour directly without being able to go through the boat previously.



Tour Tickets (Russian Collective Visa)

Tickets to the ballet according to the chosen category

Air-conditioned coach with assistant

Enjoy after your excursion a night out to see one of the most wonderful shows in the world, the great Russian Ballet, in one of the most beautiful theaters of St Petersburg.

At your disposal, three categories depending on the visual quality of seats and several theaters of the city. The booking will be defined according to the theater having availability and most suitable schedule according to the date of scale.


  • Not suitable for people with reduced mobility who need the use of a wheelchair and children under 6 years.
  • Activity will be carried out after the tour - you will receive instructions from our port guide.