STAVANGER Hike to Pulpit Rock

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Our Shore2Shore Excursions guide will meet you at the Stavanger Port where we board an air-conditioned coach to take a guided tour by Pulpit Rock Hide.

The tour starts from Stavanger with ferry to Tau. We continue with coach to the Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge, where the hike starts.

The Lysefjord is 42 km long and a treasure in the Norwegian nature. The glaciers formed the fjord landscape during the last Ice Age, and can be called a canyon. The mountains soar up to 1000 metres (3000 feet) above sea level on both sides of the fjord and some places it ranges as deep in the fjords as height above sea level.

Pulpit rock - one of Norway’s most spectacular wonders, 597 metres (1800 feet), is located in the Lysefjord

We will follow a well-marked trail from the Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge through different mountain landscapes. The plateau is approximately 25 x 25 metres, flat and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains.

We will then return to the Port of Stavanger so you can re-join your cruise ship for onward passage to your next port of call.





  • Includes private bus, guided tour / full day trekking.
  • Private bus service.
  • It is a sport day and it is advisable to wear comfortable shoes, coat and drinks.
  • Excursion not recommended for children and the elderly due to the physical work involved.
  • Not recommended for people with walking difficulties, respiratory problems, people traveling in a wheelchair or with baby carriages.


  • Difficult level / Trekking.
  • The tour is about 2h up and 2h down, obviously depending on the conditions of each person. The trails are accessible to anyone with good physical condition.
  • This excursion is not recommended for people with reduced mobility, people who require the use of wheelchairs or who travel with baby carriages, due to the irregularity of the terrain.
  • It is recommended to carry a backpack with water and drinks in plastic bottles.
  • It is recommended to bring windbreaker, raincoat, and energy bars or snacks.
  • It is essential to wear appropriate footwear for this activity.
  • Babies should be warmly wrapped and on a backpack, under the guardianship of their parents. Access with baby cars is not possible.
  • The duration of the excursion is approximate, it will be subject to the time of arrival of the ship and disembarkation of the passengers.
  • Any tour of our excursions can be varied, modified or reduced due to force majeure, specific atmospheric phenomena, late arrival of the ship or arrival with massive delay by passengers. It will always be done for the good progress of the excursion and under the criteria of the assigned guide and our approval. In any case, our main priority will always be to arrive on time to the ship.