VOLOS Kalambaka and Meteora Monastery

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Our guide will meet you at the port of Volos.

We will leave the port in the Northwest direction, towards the fertile plain from Thessalya to Larissa, capital of the province, also known as the country of the centaurs and the site where the battle of Pharsalla took place, where Julius Caesar defeated Pompey. After our journey to the heart of Greece, we will arrive at the city of Kalambaka, and will make a brief stop.

Then we will go to Meteora, one of the most spectacular places in Greece. The immense pinnacles of smooth stone that constitute it are ancient geological formations, and on these, the monasteries enhance this unique landscape. The name Meteora comes from the adjective meteors, which means "suspended in the air". The word meteorite has the same root, just a glance to understand this extravagance of nature, a fantastic forest of rocks.

These granite rocks rise to very high altitudes and many of them are crowned by monasteries built more than six hundred years ago. Formerly the access was only with baskets with ropes (they worked as elevators), which transported the monks to the cusps. This is undoubtedly a magical and unforgettable place, where in these granite rocks the monks took refuge and protected against looting of bandits. Their communities have been created in the lines of the sacred mountain of Athos. Most of the monasteries were destroyed during the Second World War, and of the twenty-four original monasteries six of them are uninhabited and two others have been transformed into convents of nuns.

We will visit two of these monasteries. At the end we will return to the city of Kalambaka where we will enjoy free time to have lunch and walk before returning to the port of Volos where we will end the visit with a day full of history. 



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  • Entrance € 3.00 pp each Monastery
  • In the event that queues on site prevent the visit of one of the 2 monasteriors planned to visit; The guide will agree with the group the visit of an alternative monastery with easier access.
  • Dress code. We remember that we will visit places of worship. Women may not wear shorts, white, or transparent or socks. Clothing must be loose and long for both women and men.
  • Ticket prices are indicative, they could change without prior notice by decision of the relevant authorities. In any case, you can check the official price at the ticket office, the day of the excursion.
  • To enter the Monasteries, appropriate clothing is required to cover the nakedness of the body: long pants for men and long skirts for women (at least to the knees).
  • Inside the monasteries it is not allowed to shoot videos or take pictures.
  • You have to climb 180 steps, approx. Wheelchairs are not allowed.


  • Medium / Panoramic / Cultural Level.
  • Comfortable shoes required.
  • This excursion is not recommended for people with reduced mobility, people who require the use of wheelchairs or who travel with baby carriages, due to the irregularity of the terrain.